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Majestic Vapor's Top 5 Cotton Candy Flavors
by Lance Harrison
Majestic Vapor's Top 5 Cotton Candy Flavors

For our next top five, we’ve prepared something that is a bit more narrow than our normal top fives, but we thought with how many cotton candy e-juice fans we have out there that it was worth breaking down the top five flavors in the category. So we’ll just jump right into it, our top five cotton candy e-juices.

First on our list coming in at number 5 is Dead Presidents e-Liquid - Washington . A bit of an oddity at first glance of the flavor profile, this is actually a blue raspberry cotton candy lemonade flavor. We really couldn’t imagine a better combination of flavors, combining that tangy sweet lemonade with such a powerful sweet cotton candy, it really is mouth watering even to describe. Pick up a bottle today and let us know what you think of this daring combination that so many have come to love.


Number four on our list is Juice Roll Upz e-Liquid - Carnival Cotton Candy . This is a delightful spin off of the normal cotton candy flavors as it does have that innate sweetness we can expect, but with a delicious tangy blue razz flavor added in. A terrific mix of sweet and sour, this is a terrific choice if you’re already a cotton candy fan and looking for something to mix it up.

On to number three, we have Pop Clouds e-Liquid - Cotton Fluff . You won’t get any more pure cotton candy than this. Just close your eyes and take a hit and with how airy cotton candy normally is, you’ll think you just took a big bite out of that delicious treat on every inhale. There isn’t really much more we can say besides if you are interested in trying an e-juice that just nails the cotton candy flavor, this is the best place to start.

Moving on to number two, we have Clutch Vapors - Ringer . While this is also a very pure cotton candy flavor, it actually focuses on emulating the blue cotton candy flavor in particular. You would have to be a true cotton candy connoisseur to tell the difference between the two, but we already know Clutch Vapors has nailed it. With a large following of fans, and dozens of excellent reviews from verified buyers, Ringer has cemented its place into this top five list.

Big Bubble

You’ve waited for it, and here it is. The ultimate in cotton candy flavors, number one on our list, Big Bubble eJuice - Cotton Candy Big Bubble eJuice - Cotton Candy . How could we give the first place to anyone else? Big Bubble has wowed us again with this mixed blue and pink cotton candy combination. Some have said it is vaguely reminiscent of a creamy flavor in it, but it is undoubtedly a sweet cotton candy flavor on the inhale with an almost creamy smooth exhale. Over 100 reviews on our website and thousands of bottles sold, this is most certainly the best of the best cotton candy flavors have to offer.